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This is a paid asset, but we’ll share Combined Shadows Free for you. Enjoy!!!

Combined Shadows v1.01

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This pack can optimize your game’s performance by rendering shadows with up to 1000 less drawcalls ( PC/UWP 1000x, Mobile 200x). Depending on your scene’s complexity and number of cascades this can dramatically reduce drawcalls and heavily improve performance on platforms that are drawcall limited ( mobile or UWP/xbox ). If you are GPU bound, it probably won’t help you as the load on the GPU will be slightly higher. The workflow is very streamlined. Just drop the CombinedShadows.cs script into your scene and see things run faster.

Demo scenes as seen in the screenshots are included in the package. Android screenshots are from a Google Pixel.
– needs the read/write flag on affected meshes
– does not work with skinned meshes and particles.
– does not work with objects marked as static, the code will just skip static objects right now
– does not work with d3d11_9x targets / Windows Phone
– package is made for 2018.1 but it should work on older versions as well.


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